The Matthew Girvin Story

Matthew Lee Girvin was born in 1964, February the 12th. He was born into a family with 3 other young boys, each separated by about 2 years apart — for a span of 10 years. The Girvin clan, as a generation, is a genetic mix between art and science — and in a manner — Matt became a kind of exemplar of that legacy. His life moved between the explorations of art in culture, languages and literature, boosted with a thoughtfully creative approach to living and building contributions to his communities — coupled and balanced with the objective nature of scientific strategies of international health.

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This can be done via the Inland Northwest Community Foundation Give Now page. Simply choose Matthew Girvin Scholarship Fund from the list in Box 1.

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The Scholarship program was established in 2003 by the UNICEF staff in the belief it would commemorate and continue Matthew’s interests and work with Mongolian youth, especially those living in the remote nomadic communities.