The Matthew Girvin Story


Matthew Lee Girvin was born in 1964, February the 12th. He was born into a family with 3 other young boys, each separated by about 2 years apart — for a span of 10 years. The Girvin clan, as a generation, is a genetic mix between art and science — and in a manner — Matt became a kind of exemplar of that legacy. His life moved between the explorations of art in culture, languages and literature, boosted with a thoughtfully creative approach to living and building contributions to his communities — coupled and balanced with the objective nature of scientific strategies of international health.

As a young man, he shined a strong sense of “rightness.” This showed itself as a moral impetus — it was about doing what was right for yourself, doing right for others, and teaching people that code.

In talks we shared as brothers, he would question — “is that right?” And that quest for “rightness”, the core codes of humanitarian wellbeing and rights, is something that was a drive that moved through every phase of his life. From his early years, in Spokane, school student leadership and political action were a foundation. From there, he went on to expanding his explorations, visioning his personal, forward-looking world. With his studies at Stanford, the hope was for “international business.” But in conversations with him, there was a hope for more.

A grander contribution.